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Welcome to Tee for Two, where we tell the stories of women in golf – and the men who support them.

Welcome to

Tee for Two

Winner Best Aural Presentation  2022 Australian Golf Media Association awards for Episode 2, Jane Crafter.

Tee for Two is about all the different women golfers we are.

It’s about women and girls of all ages, stages, background. It’s about diversity and inclusion. It’s about what we share in golf and life and about our unique differences too.

It’s about good people doing amazing things, quietly.

On the Tee for Two podcast, we talk with wonderful people who share our passion for the great game. We find out what makes them tick – in life AND in golf – and what we can learn from them.

Each guest has their own story and together we find out not only their story but yours, too, because in so many ways, their story is also your story.

They may be someone you know, someone of whom you’ve heard, someone who reminds you of someone you know – possibly you! – or maybe they’re just someone you haven’t met yet. So, come meet them!

We learn more about some of the important issues in women’s golf. Things like gender equality, female engagement and participation, sustainability, diversity, inclusion… and think about what we in golf can do to make that little bit of difference somewhere that makes a WHOLE LOT of difference somewhere else, or TO someone else.

We talk with women from all areas in golf – from greenkeepers to players to media to administrators to photographers, anyone, and maybe some who don’t actually play but whose story will interest you anyway, because golf is also about life.

We talk to some pretty great guys too, because there are so many that are supportive of women in golf and what we’re about, guys that just ‘get’ us.

And we have some laughs along the way, not just because our tee partners are engaging and lively people but because, let’s face it, when you play golf, you really need to have a sense of humour!

Join award-winning golf journalist Karen Harding each month on Tee for Two podcast and let’s bring women’s golf ‘to the fore’.

See you on the tee soon. In the meantime, have fun with golf!

Are you interested in other stories about women in golf and our passion areas in the game?

Head over to NEXT ON THE TEE to read about emerging women and girls in golf, inclusion, diversity, gender equality, juniors, seniors, sustainability in the game and grassroots golf and more.



Enjoyable and Informative Podcast

I would like to congratulate Karen on her podcasts highlighting achievements of women associated with golf. Karen has thoroughly researched each woman and their specific abilities. She has demonstrated a very professional approach. So far the podcasts have provided great diversity of content. I look forward to future podcasts. Please keep up the good work! 

Judy Bull

No better storyteller in golf!

A champion for women’s golf, Karen’s podcast is as brilliant as her writing. Giving visibility to one of the most important discussions in golf, equity and diversity, this is one for golf fanatics right through to those who’ve never held a club! A must listen!  

Hannah Brown

Excellent podcast

Fantastic podcast, Karen! Very well researched and produced. I really enjoyed listening to this episode with Gerri and look forward to the next episode. Great work again. 

Jessica Eden, Founder

Australian Women’s Golf Network

Outstanding and important

There is no higher praise in this business than to hear an interview and wish you had done it yourself. I wish I had done this interview with Gerri. Brilliant and important on many levels.   

Rod Morri

Host of State of the Game golf podcast, The Good Good Golf Podcast, and The Thing About Golf podcast

Geraldine O‘Callaghan Interview

Wonderful podcast, thank you Karen. Gerri is such a capable and enthusiastic person and deserves all her achievements so far. Terrific to hear of her path as a golfer, her role at Royal Melbourne particularly in grounds management of the East course and now as superintendent at Sandringham Golf course. Congratulations Gerri. I played Sandringham this week and would recommend it highly.

Di Farrer

A Wonderful Chat

Karen has a real knack for getting her guests to share the personal stories and perspectives that make for an engaging listen. Jane Crafter’s life (Ep 2) is both remarkable and inspirational. A podcast well worth adding to your rotation.

Andrew Marchbank

Great podcast

Just listened to the episode with Bonnie Boezeman and found it very interesting. Seems like a great woman. Enjoying this podcast and looking forward to more episodes.

Beth Cranford

Great Podcast – Bonnie Boezeman

Another great podcast, Karen. Bonnie’s strong support of girls playing golf will see hundreds of girls commit to being part of this special program around Australia this year. Amazing effort! 

Gene Moule

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If you have any questions about Tee for Two or any of its episodes, have someone in mind whose story you think might be interesting, or if you’d just like to talk golf, then please send us a message via the form.

We’d love to hear from you! 

Tee for Two is produced on the Traditional Country of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation in Victoria and extends its respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging.